Aaron Gallant - Sound Designer/Engineer/Editor


I have been working as a professional in the video game industry since 2007. I got my BA in Communications from San Diego State University in 2006 and then an audio technical degree from The Los Angeles Recording School in 2007. I am an avid gamer and was immediately drawn to game audio.


While attending recording school, I did an internship with an audio post house in Encino called PCB Productions which turned into a full time job that I worked at for about 5 years. PCB Productions worked on a variety of contracted audio jobs with the majority of work being voice over recordings for video games. The studio grew a lot during my time there as well as my role and we started doing more ADR and sound design for short films, TV/radio advertisements, as well as field recording, sound design, and implementation for video games. My role at PCB Productions evolved and I became a senior audio engineer running full recording sessions on Pro Tools for clients at the studio and supervising a small team onsite at motion capture stages.


In 2012, I was contacted by a Volition (now called Deep Silver Volition) and they asked if I wanted to join their team to work on Saints Row IV. I did the whole application process to be sure I was a right fit and ended up joining the team shortly after. I worked at Volition for almost 4 years before getting laid off in 2016. My role at Volition was a sound designer focusing on asset creation and implementation. It was eye opening being in house at a developer as I learned to use tools such as Wwise more deeply and had a lot more collaboration with designers, programmers, and artists. My technical skills rose tremendously while at Volition and I found myself able to do more things with audio and more efficiently than ever before. I shipped Saints Row IV, 2 DLC packs, and began a new unannounced title. Getting to work on a new IP from the start was an invaluable experience and I believe that was a major stepping stone in progressing my career.

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